Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (anche BASOR) è una serie di pubblicazioni edita da American Schools of Oriental Research (Boston).

La serie è pubblicata quattro volte l'anno, nei mesi di febbraio, maggio, agosto e novembre.

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  • Joseph Naveh, The Inscriptions from Failaka and the Lapidary Aramaic Script.
  • Richard A. Horsley, Archaeology and the Villages of Upper Galilee: A Dialogue with Archaeologists.
  • Eric M. Meyers, An Archaeological Response to a New Testament Scholar.
  • Richard A. Horsley, Response.
  • Mordechai Haiman, Agriculture and Nomad-State Relations in the Negev Desert in the Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods.
  • Naomi E. Miller, The Aspalathus Caper.
Review Article
  • William G. Dever, "Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up?" Archaeology and Israelite Historiography: Part I.
Book Reviews
  • Avi Gopher, Arrowheads of the Neolithic Levant (Alan H. Simmons).
  • Albert Leonard jr., The Jordan Valley Survey, 1953: Some Unpublished Soundings Conducted by James Mellaart (R. Thomas Schaub).
  • Guillermo Algaze, The Uruk World System (T. Cuyler Young, Jr.).
  • Joe D. Seger, Gezer V: The Field I Caves (Patrick E. McGovern).
  • Frances W. James, Patrick E. McGovern, The Late Bronze Egyptian Garrison at Beth Shan: A Study of Levels VII and VIII (Albert Leonard, Jr.).
  • Eric H. Cline, Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: International Trade and the Late-Bronze Age Aegean (James M. Weinstein).
  • Piotr Bienkowski, Early Edom and Moab: The Beginning of the Iron Age in Southern Jordan (William G. Dever).
  • Alan Millard, The Eponyms of the Assyrian Empire 910-612 B.C. (T.C. Mitchell).
  • Lowell K. Handy, Among the Host of Heaven: The Syro-Palestinian Pantheon as Bureaucracy (Steve A. Wiggins).

298 (maggio 1995) Edit

In Memoriam
  • Robert Gordon Boling and Jean Gade Boling.
  • Jonas C. Greenfield.
  • Bryan Jack Stone, The Philistines and Acculturation: Culture Change and Ethnic Continuity in the Iron Age.
  • Philip Mayerson, A Note on Iotabe and Several Other Islands in the Red Sea.
Review Articles
  • William G. Dever, Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up? Part II: Archaeology and the Religions of Ancient Israel.
  • Ron E. Tappy, Did the Dead Ever Die in Biblical Judah?.
Overseas Research Projects
  • Seymour Gitin, W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, Jerusalem: Project Descriptions of Albright Appointees 1994-1995.
  • Danielle Parks, Research Projects at CAARI.
  • Alezander H. Joffe, Settlement and Society in the Early Bronze Age I and II, Southern Levant (Walter Rast).
  • Cyrus H. Gordon, Gary A. Rendsburg, Essays on the Ebla Archives and Language (Dennis Pardee).
  • Ephraim Stern, Dor: Ruler of the Seas (Philip J. King).
  • Jodi Magness, Jerusalem Ceramic Chronology, circa 200-800 C.E. (Marcus Rautman).
  • Karel J.H. Vriezen, Die Ausgrabungen unter der Erlöserkirche im Muristan, Jerusalem (1970-1974), mit Beiträgen von Ian A. Carradice und Eitan Tchernov (Jodi Magness).
  • Hillel Geva, Ancient Jerusalem Revealed (Carol Meyers).
  • S. Ahituv, B.A. Levine, Eretz-Israel Vol. 24 (Avraham Malamat Volume) (Joe D. Seger and Oded Borwoski).
  • James H. Charlesworth, et al., The Dead Sea Scrolls: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Texts with English Translations. Volume 1: Rule of the Community and Related Documents (Russell Fuller).
  • Yoram Tsafrir, Ancient Churches Revealed (Robert Schick).
  • Gary D. Pratico, Nelson Glueck's 1938-1940 Excavations at Tell el-Kheleifeh. A Reappraisal (William G. Dever).

310 (maggio 1998) Edit

Review Article
Book Reviews

311 (agosto 1998) Edit

  • K. S. B. RYHOLT: Hotepibre, a Supposed Asiatic King in Egypt with Relations to Ebla . . . 1
  • GUNNAR LEHMANN: Trends in the Local Pottery Development of the Late Iron Age and Persian Period in Syria and Lebanon, ca. 700 to 300 B.C . . . . . 7
  • RAFAEL FRANKEL and RAPHAEL VENTURA: The Mispe Yamim Bronzes . . . . . 39
  • AMIR GOLANI and BENJAMIN SASS: Three Seventh-Century B.C.E. Hoards of Silver Jewlery from Tel Miqne-Ekron . . . . . 57
  • Christa Müller-Kessler, A Mandaic Gold Amulet in the British Museum, pp. 83-88.
Book Reviews
  • DANIEL C. SNELL: Life in the Ancient Near East, 3100-322 B.C.E. (Jennifer C. Ross) . . . . . 89
  • RUTH AMIRAN AND ORNIT ILAN: Early Arad II: The Chalcolithic and Early Bronze IB Settlements and the Early Bronze II City: Architecture and Town Planning: Sixth to Eighteenth Seasons of Excavations, 1971-1978, 1980-1984 (Timothy P. Harrison) . . . . . 90
  • AMNON BEN-TOR, RUHAMA BONFIL, YOSEF GARFINKEL, RAPHAEL GREENBERG, AREN MAEIR, AND AMIHAI MAZAR: Hazor V: An Account of the Fifth Season of Excavation, 1968 (Bruce Routledge) . . . . . 92
  • PAUL ASTROM AND ELLEN HERSCHER, editors: Late Bronze Settlement in Cyprus: Function and Relationship (David W. Rupp) . . . . . 94
  • BRIAN C. JONES: Howling over Moab: Irony and Rhetoric in Isaiah 15-16e (Marilyn J. Lundberg) . . . . . 96
  • TILDE BINGER: Asherah: Goddesses in Ugarit, Israel and the Old Testament (Steve A. Wiggins) . . . . . 98
  • GIDEON AVNI: Nomads, Farmers, and Town-dwellers: Pastoral-Sedentist Interaction in the Negev Highlands, Sixth-Eighth Centuries C.E. (Donald Whitcomb) . . . . . 100
  • STEVEN A. ROSEN AND GIDEON AVNI: The 'Oded Sites: Investigations of Two Early Islamic Pastoral Camps South of the Ramon Crater (Donald Whitcomb) . . . . . 100
  • A. BEN-TOR, M. AVISSAR, AND Y. PORTUGALI: Yoqne'am I: The Late Periods (Martha Sharp Joukowsky) . . . . . 102

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